I have always seen the world around me in lyrical pictures, I love the way words and images come together in my mind. Song writing helps me to express my inner and outer life, there is something so special about the relationship between the lyrics in my head, my voice when I sing and chords from my guitar” - Jessie Che

Jessie Ché is a singer-songwriter based in the Adelaide Hills in rural South Australia.   

Jessie performs songs across a spectrum of genres, spanning from the heartfelt melodies of modern acoustic country to the introspective narratives of singer-songwriter ballads, and from the soulful sounds of adult contemporary to the timeless essence of folk Americana. 

With a lineage on one side that is deeply rooted in the realms of professional jazz and rock, music flows through Jessie's veins, forming an integral part of her identity. Her family's musical heritage, coupled with blood memory of the Blue Mountains in Pennsylvania where part of her lineage also lies, these influences weave a rich and intricate tapestry that resonates throughout her compositions. For Jessie, songwriting is more than just a creative outlet; it's a profound expression of her heritage, experiences, emotions and life on the farm she now lives. 

Early in her musical career Jessie studied music and was fortunate to win a music scholarship which allowed her to develop her craft as well as managing her own band for many years.  

Jessie loves to sing but her favourite thing to do is write lyrics, some of her recent song writing achievements include:  

2024 Semi Finalist - Tamworth Songwriting Awards (Bluegrass Category)
2023 Semi Finalist -  ISC (International Song writing Competition - Film clip category)  
2023 Semi Finalist - Unsigned Only Music Competition (Folk-Singer/songwriter) 
2023 Top 4 American Songwriter Magazine Lyrics award (March / April)   
2022 Winning in SCALA’s Festival of Original Music (Lyrics category)   
2021 ISC Top 3 (International Song writing Competition - Lyrics category)  

In previous years Jessie has also won an SA APRA Country Song of the Year award, an IAMA (Country/Bluegrass) & the Rocky Page Memorial Scholarship. She is a Graduate of the CMAA College of Country Music, has attained a Diploma of Commercial Music & a Graduate Certificate of Tourism (Festival & Events Management).   

Jessie stepped away from music to pursue her second love – living on the land, eventually settling on her own farm, complete with cows, horses and a working dog, a dream she has held since childhood.   

After overcoming some real life ‘curve balls’ in '21 she was drawn back to her first passion, music, to make sense of all that had happened in the years in between. For Jessie, writing songs is like keeping a journal of the stories of life.  

When she doesn’t have a pen or guitar in her hands, she can be found saddled up on her favourite horse, humming a new song.

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