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Hello, thank you so much for stopping by as of early 2024 my collaborators and I are continuing to work hard in the background on the final stages of album recording, mixing and mastering…. oh and of course creating the film clips! As time goes on, we will be letting you behind the curtain as each song is released, one by one - these songs are stories written about a collection of life experiences - many of which I am sure you have lived too. 

I have five songs released so far, they are 'Sender', 'In My Hands', ‘City Lights’, ‘Ghosts (Acoustic)’ and ‘Pretty Baby’. On YouTube you can view the lyric videos and other bts content and on YouTube/Vevo, Apple Music & Tidal you can see the full movie-like film clips. To access all the links in one place I have made a linktree Jessie's Linktree

If you aren't a fan of streaming platforms, there is another new way to access the songs, via the Blue Shamrock Music site and I thank Stephen Brady and the crew at Blue Shamrock for teaming up. 

If you are on social media - I'd love to interact with you on your platform of choice - on social media you can see my musical updates as well as all the other parts of my life including meeting my adorable farm critters, who fill my heart as much as songs do. 

Thank you again for taking the time to visit, I really appreicate it. 

Jessie xxx 

PS - if you aren't on socials but want to reach out, there is a contact form on the 'Press kit' page or you can email directly via: 


Below are the stories & lyrics of some of my recognised songs 


Semi-Finalist 2024 - Tamworth Songwriters Awards

I wrote the lyrics to this song more than a few years ago, when I was a younger woman first navigating the (now) familiar seas of love and loss. 

Co-written with my long term

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"In My Hands" 

Semi-Finalist - Unsigned Only 2023 (Singer/Songwriter - Folk Category)

3rd Place - International Songwriting Competition (Lyrics Category)

I wrote this song on New Years day, 2022. I'd just logged off from a live stream by two amazing songwriters I admire

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"Fools Form of Torture"

Top Four - American Songwriter, March/April 2023 Lyrics Contest  

I'm a collector of words and images from the world around me, I use the things I collect in my mind to write songs, I love telling stories. Sometimes I get

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"Grown Men Cry"

Finalist - JCMA, for songs written about South Australia 

This song was another written whilst I was participating in a song writing group that the wonderful Keppie Coutts hosts, (if you would like to find out more, please check out 

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"Far From This Tree" (Australian Version)

Winner - SCALA, Festival of Origial Music - (Lyrics Category)

This song was written whilst I was participating in a song writing group that the wonderful Keppie Coutts hosts, (if you would like to find out more, please check out

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"Waiting Line"

Semi-finalist - International Songwriting Competition (Lyrics Category)

It is about the human health journey on micro and macro level. It is about the unexpected and scary experiences we experience as humans and the precious conversations we get to have along

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"Down That Road" 

Winner - International Acoustic Music Awards, IAMA (Bluegrass/Country category) 

Winner - SA APRA Country Song of the Year 

Top 20 CMC Chart  

I wrote this when I had the privilege of being part of the CMAA College of Country Music

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"I Miss You"

SA APRA Country song of the year (placing)

The words sound like it is written to a friend and I guess in a way it is. But when I wrote these lyrics, I wrote them from the pespecitive of when

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